Is the Government Holding Your Assets?

Eighty Million individuals and corporations, one in every four Americans are owed an excess of $300 Billion of unclaimed money, funds, or assets of which they are completely unaware of. Could this be you?

Federal, State, County and Local Governments have protective custody control over these unclaimed accounts which originally were generated from dormant bank and investment assets, forgotten insurance policies, unknown inheritances, unrefunded utility deposits, uncashed Social Security checks, mortgage insurance premium refunds and literally dozens of other sources.

These items are declared legally abandoned, often the rightful owners or heirs cannot be located or fail to show an interest. Although holders of dormant and unclaimed assets are supposed to make a "good faith effort" at finding the original owners, the reality is that a very feeble attempt is made.

The difficulty for the average entitled claimant lies with the reluctance of the holding agency to release the money without complicated paperwork and forms to fill out.

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